Jul 29, 2020

The ACCESS project consortium held the 1st training workshop " Inclusive Education: Context and Background " on 20, 21 and 22 July 2020. This initiative was carried out with the aim of providing an overview of inclusive education in higher education institutions, as well as to introduce different tools and mechanisms for the implementation of Support Services for Students with Disabilities in the different universities that are part of the project.

This virtual training brought together representatives of Higher Education Institutions and Ministries of Higher Education, from the three (3) partner countries: Cuba, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

The University of Alicante in Spain and the University of Macedonia in Greece, were in charge of the academic program of this workshop, presenting key points for the success of educational inclusion at international level, such as "Promoting the access of students with disabilities to the general curriculum: key principles, requirements and important challenges"; "Operation of Support Centres for Students with Disabilities" and "Assistive technologies for students with disabilities for academic achievement".

As a result of this workshop, participants reached a deeper and more detailed level of understanding of the current situation of disability and inclusive education policies; identified human resources and organizational needs; and, recognized the critical role of access to curricula for the implementation of inclusion at national and international levels. This is a screen capture of the workshop Assistive technologies for students with disabilities for academic achievement