T.4.1. Launching of 3 National Higher Education Inclusive Network (M15)

Objective: Arrangement of the institutional set up for the National Higher Education Inclusive Network in each country between all HEIs ACCESS partners, external HEIs to the Consortium and any other institution with vested interests in these issues. All three networks will become platforms to foster dialogue and inform policymaking at national level on issues related to inclusive education, disability and accessibility within the context of Higher Education. Partners, according to their needs will determinate legal structure, internal regulation, mission, vision and objectives of each network. Consortium will leverage the participation of the Ministries of Education of each country in order to open up Universities and stimulate political engagement on disability and accessibility promotion to Higher Education among external stakeholders such as potential employers, students associations, disability NGOs, high schools, other political bodies.


T.4.2. Setting up Caribbean Higher Education Inclusive Network (M19)

Objective:  Creation of Caribbean Inclusive Network for Higher Education liaising both National Networks in one joint political body which will try to dynamize and influence policies on the inclusion and disability field. It will scale up the size and scope of the involved stakeholders, concentrating their efforts in aligning and homogenising national policies on disability and inclusion. The Regional network will contemplate reaching to similar networks created in concomitant regions and previous project such as MUSE, but will aim mainly at tapping into the momentum triggered by recent political moves on disability and inclusion in the region as elucidated by the Buenos Aires Declaration on Inclusive education made in 2017 by Latin American and Caribbean Ministries of Education.