May 29, 2020

An international webinar organized by the Universidad Escuela Colombiana de Rehabilitación from Colombia and the Universidad Viña del Mar from Chile, will take place the next Friday, May 29, 2020, .

It will be at 5 pm from Spain, 10 am from Colombia and 11 am from Chile. Registration is free and is already open at:

Registration ICTs and Disability Webinar: Connecting for Inclusive Education

The participants and topics of the Webinar will be as follows:

Jennifer Alfonso - Colombian School of Rehabilitation " Access and use of digital tools for people with disabilities in the educational context

José María Fernández - University of Alicante, Spain "The importance of digital accessibility in higher education".

Meritxell Calbet Montcusí - Universidad Viña del Mar, Chile "Strategies for inclusion through internationalization".

Nathalie Guerrero Insuasti - Colombian School of Rehabilitation "Universal Design for Learning (DUA) in Early Education".

ACESS will be waiting for you in the Webinar to be connected for an inclusive education!

Access to the recording of the event